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Terms and conditions


We accept orders between 10:00 AM and 10:30 PM every day.
Minimum order is 400 CZK for food.
  • The prices are the same as in the restaurant
  • Packaging for food are for free. 
  • You pay the delivery fee according the delivery zone. Look at our price list
  • If you place an order from more than one restaurant, you will pay extra fee for each restaurant - 80 CZK in Prague and 30 - 50 CZK in other cities.
  • You get a discount 50 CZK to all orders placed between 1PM and 5PM with immediate delivery or planned delivery time between 2PM - 6PM (except Sunday).
Do you use our service at least once a month? Buy a year VIP membership f
or 300 CZK in Prague and 100 CZK in Brno.
You will get better prices, double benefit points, preferential handling of your orders and more comfortable confirmation by sms instead of calling.
   Order will always be confirmed by our operators within 10 minutes of placing an order.
In case that you are not be reached on the phone, we will send you sms and an email asking forconfirmation. The order can not be handled until it is confirmed by telephoneso please always keep your phone with you.
In case of successful payment card online or if you have VIP membership is your order handled, although it was not confirmed order by telephone.
Our goal is to deliver your order in the shortest time as soon as possible that's why we delivery orders separately. Our rated time of delivery is 60 minutes. For orders from more than one restaurant the delivery time can be prolonged 30 minutes for each next restaurant.
The delivery time is counted from sending of the order or from the time of change of the order because in restaurant  In case we can not confirm the order the delivery time is counted from real confirmation. If the delay is longer than 30 minutes you have a claim for the discount 50 % if delivery fee. If the delay is longer than 60 minutes you have a claim for the discount 100 % of delivery fee.Because of long distance these discount are not valid for zone 6 and higher and also for orders over 2000 CZK because of long time of preparation.
We deliver food from all restaurants in our offer by our own drivers equipped with GPS navigation and GPS tracking so the operators have an overview of the current status of each order.
We allow to pay by many ways of payment.We accept cash in czech crowns and in foreign currency, meal vouchers, credit card with online payment, credit card with payment through terminal and credit. If you prepay the credit for more than amount 5000 CZK we activate VIP membership to you and you will get 3% bonus.
Companies can pay by an invoice.
If it's necessary to cancel order it must be as fast as possible call to our operators
If th
e food is already preparinf, cancellations is not possible. Orders can also be canceled if the delay is greater than 30 minutes and it was not excused.
Please check your order right after our supplier hands it to you, while he is still present. If some item is missing immediately call to our operators. Our company can not assume any liability for food which is not consumed within half an hour after delivery.
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