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Thai Cuisine is a phenomenon just like Thailand itself. It is a kaleidoscope of the flavour spectrum, where assorted, but wholly indispensable ingredients mutually overlap, supplement and accentuate: citronella, sweet basil, coriander, galangal, chilli, garlic, lime juice, coconut milk and fermented fish sauce. One of the standing errors is that Thai cuisine is hot. This is naturally true, but only on first sight or taste. If your trained tongue survives the first taste, between the peppers you will also find sweet, saline, bitter and sour-sweet flavour, all in a fascinating balance. According to Buddhism, balance and harmony are the essence and purpose of life. Thai cuisine to a larger degree uses fresh ingredients from the tropics. In principle, all that grows and moves can be transformed into a delicious food. Seafood and countless types of vegetables and fruit are plentiful. Most of the foods are prepared by quick fry stirring and thus retain the initial flavour of the ingredients used. The foods are prepared decoratively with remarkable care and huge attention is devoted to ensuring that they are balanced and also in colour contrast.

Thai cuisine has deep roots in Chinese and Indian cuisine, but has for centuries also been under the influence of the cuisines of the surrounding countries and recently also European cuisine. It has adopted the best of these cuisines and thus created its own unique and inimitable style. It also differs by individual area more than elsewhere in the world.

Food is a social and often also religious event, which cannot be snapped up as the farang (white man from the West) does in his global uniform world. Eating is a long and ceremonial process. On principle, the guest does not order one dish for himself and does not eat alone. One beautiful saying applies here: "You want to eat alone? - You are mad. You want to sleep alone? - You are ill." The number of dishes ordered is at least one dish more than the number of consumers. This means that two guests order three dishes (three guests order four dishes, etc.) and continuously transfer the food to their plates. The food is taken using chopsticks, a spoon in the right hand and a fork in the left hand. The knife is missing from the Thai table. Everything is cut up into small pieces and the knife is a symbol of aggression, which is totally foreign to the smiling Thai people.

The basic side dish is rice, which is not boiled, but steamed and thus acquires a distinct flavour. Sticky rice is very popular in Northern Thailand; the rice is formed into small balls, which are immersed in various sauces and are eaten by hand.

We believe that the food from our kitchen shall evoke the pleasant atmosphere of the country of smiles for you.
Enjoy your meal!
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