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El Emir Bistrot
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El Emir Bistrot


The history of the El Emir restaurant begins in 1993. At that time, Rameh El Ayache moved to Prague in order to continue the family tradition. Just like his siblings in London and Melbourne, he wanted to introduce the local audience to the authentic Lebanese cuisine. Thanks to the precious experiences he gained while working at the distinguished gastronomical businesses such as Fakhreldine and Sultan, Rameh was finally able to achieve his lifelong goal and desire. His first restaurant, Byblos, opened its door to the public in 2001.

Another important moment in the history of the El Emir was Rameh El Ayache’s encounter with Petr Gremlica. Shortly afterwards, they became business partners, and in 2007, they established an innovative business with a great potential. Their partnership and combined expertise resulted in opening Lebanese restaurant El Emir in the Palladium shopping mall.

Since the first day, El Emir exhibited all the aspects necessary for becoming a very successful restaurant. However, the restaurant could not satisfy all its numerous clients because the shopping mall was not an ideal place for private parties or dinners. The owners started looking for a more quiet and satisfying location. Eventually, they found a perfect space in the Koruna Palace at the heart of Prague’s iconic Wenceslas Square. After meticulous reconstruction and preparation, the new El Emir opened in September 2011 for all enthusiasts of the oriental Lebanese cuisine. Along with El Emir in Palladium, these restaurants present a perfect match for every occasion. Both locations can pride themselves in offering the original Lebanese dishes from the authentic ingredients and halal meet, as prepared by the most experienced Lebanese chefs.

El Emir

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